Kreiss Austin Showroom

I wasn't in love, to be honest, during my first visit to the Kreiss showroom on 6th, but I took some pictures to share of some of the things that stood out.

It felt more like a furniture store, like Ethan Allen, if you will.  Something was missing.

I thought these medicine bottles were pretty.  Then I saw them at Pier 1.  They were actually less at Kreiss though.

I thought this fixture would be perfect in a poolside cabana.  If only I had a cabana!
They usedlots of these squares to add color and texture.  I think I'd get tired of these at home, but I guess they work in a showroom.

My Dream Designer: Sandy Koepke

Shopping Shabby Slips

Slipcovers, seagrass, linen, velvet, vintage finds, white orchids, contemporary lamps, guilded mirrors and crystal chandeliers....  Enjoy the beauty.

 The coral was eye catching.

 Here they mix shiny silvers with goldy brasses.
 These chairs looked like sculpture woven from cotton ribbons.

 My sister loved this jewelry cabinet. 
 Inside we found velvet lined jewelry storage hidden in the self closing drawer.

Shabby Slips on 6th near Z Tejas never disappoints.